It has been an incredible honor to serve the residents of the City of Harrisburg these past few years as Chair of the Building and Housing Committee and Vice President of City Council. These roles have allowed me to gain intimate familiarity with the inner workings of the City and understand the vastness of the love and dedication City employees and City residents feel towards Harrisburg.

City residents and employees, however, cannot be left to address the problems of the City alone. They depend on leadership that is informed, responsive, independent and committed to social justice. Without good leadership, our greatest asset-- those who live and work in the City can only do so much.

I hope that you value my leadership and determine that my accomplishments these past few years warrant your considered vote:

  • I have modernized our City Zoning Code making it easier for small businesses to open and create jobs
  • I required developers to provide notice to neighboring properties of intent to seek exemptions from our zoning codes
  • I have increased fines for slumlords who profit off of blight
  • I have reactivated the Vacant Property Reinvestment Board which allows the City to facilitate                      reinvestment  in blighted property
  • I have begun the process of re-activating Harrisburg's Human Relations Commission (HHRC)
  • I was the only City Council person to vote against the increase the Local Services Tax

These are just a few of my accomplishments. If re-elected I look forward to continue doing the work that keeps our families in healthy and affordable housing and develop better mechanisms to serve our residents. I humbly ask you for you vote this May 16, 2017.


      Hon. Shamaine A. Daniels, Esq.